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By Maurice ยท 5 replies
Aug 5, 2004
  1. Yep, I'm back, & the "fun" starts all over again, yipppeeee!!
    One day on my new PC, [see edited profile] the lousy laptop has gone, & today I thought I'd download Smiley Central again, it has some useful additonal items, such as a stop pop-ups etc, so, on Google I got the site address to download it.
    Halfway through the download, it stopped, & a notice came up saying that I had the trojan "Dropper Funweb A" & suggested that I ran my anti-virus [AVG], I did this, the virus was detected, but the previous notice kept interrupting the run, but not stopping it.
    Finally, when it got to the end of the run, & tried to enter AVG's vault, everything froze, & I tried an emergency shutdown, this didn't work, so I did a re-set.

    What a pain!, but since then, Ive ignored it, [the trojan] & touch wood.......................
    Is this particular tojan very dangerous?, does it just sit there gathering my info, or is it up to something more sinister??
    Maurice [here we go again!
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    It's probably spyware that comes with Smiley Central..
  3. Godataloss

    Godataloss TS Rookie Posts: 482

    Maurice- havent you learned your lesson? Smiley Central just sounds like a spyware haven. Next time, when you google a program- look at some of the comments-

    among other nightmares...

    seems some people have had success with spybot removing it.

    Bit defender was also recommended, but ive never used it.
  4. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    Yeah, Nodsu, I'd like to try a Smiley Central download again , but don't wan't to get a double dose of trojan [?]
    I had it for nearly two years before, with no problems, so what's the verdict guys, doI risk it again, bearing in mind that AVG couldn't deal with it.
    I seem to remember though, that when I had a different trojan before, I went to an AV website, & downloaded a patch or whatever, which got rid of it

    Thoughts on the above?
  5. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Smiley Central is known ad and spyware.

    It may also have more than one such routine in its code.

    You can try installing, then running avg and see if it will clean. I'm guessing this won't work and the damage will have already been done.

    My suggestion- Don't install it. It really doesn't add that much to your functionality for the troubles it can cause. Not ot mention that too many smileys in emails and so forth really annoy some people...
  6. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    Thanks, Goalie,
    I know I'm "old", but have a great sense of fun, & I know who I can send Smilies to, & who I can't, among my friends & associates.
    One of them isn't that much younger than myself, & decorates messages to me with liberal amounts of AOL's versions of smilies, but from what I 've heard about AOL, it is one big chunk of spyware itself, so to speak, I would never consider having it as my ISP.
    Having said all that, 'spose I'd better give Smiley Central a miss, security comes first, every time. I did have Incredimail for a while, but it took too much handling, and did some weird things to my Outlook Express.
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