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Jan 19, 2006
  1. Here's one for you...
    I originally had 2x 256M ram installed on my system and decided I'd like to bump it up to 1G so I purchased a Kingston 512M stick to install in the 3rd slot- it's an AD77 mobo so it only has the 3 slots. The 3 sticks are all PC3200 400DDR. However, now the cpu freezes on the windows xp welcome screen. So I took one of the 256M sticks out and it loads up fine. It also reads there is 768M ram on the system. I've tried putting the sticks in different combinations using the 3 slots but it only ever works if there are 2 sticks installed- adding the 3rd causes it to freeze. The system should support up to 2G ram so I don't know whats going on! Hope someone can help!!!
  2. Bender99

    Bender99 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Check in your bios the memory timing for your ram. The new ram may not run with the same cas settings as the old.
  3. Rhianntp

    Rhianntp TS Rookie

    I had something similar with an HP system I tried to upgrade.
    Some motherboards can be very picky about ram and which slots are allowed certain size sticks.
  4. danger55

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    Checked out the bios. Timing is on auto. Any suggestion of what it should be?
  5. danger55

    danger55 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    I'm still hoping for a response. This ram issue is really frustrating!!!
    I've tried all combinations of memory slots with the 3 cards, but xp only loads properly if I have 2 installed. Bugger this 768M- I want my gig!!
  6. JMag034

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    Have you reset CMOS yet?
  7. Tedster

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    provided your motherboard can accept that brand and type of ram, test the sticks with memtest86. You can find out if it's bad.
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