trouble shooting on star wars battle front 1&2

By not_4(.SALE.)10
Nov 14, 2005
  1. I'm a fan of star wars but not that crazy a fan well to the point I have bought star wars battle front 1&2 and the first battle front I can't get into or can't delete it started slowing down in movement wise pausese continuously then making the graphics funny like some of the characters body parts get off track as well as the gun then freezing up not being able to do anything but pull the plug and i mean just pull the plug no CTRL-ALT-DEL on my stupid emachine computer which i know a few people who had emachines and they said it tends to blow up on them and smoke up their whole house its either that or it's because my video card is really sucky i don't know what it is now it sits there on my computer just storing memory i'm afraid it will happen to my other (star wars battle front 2) game well it already has this source of help isn't the only place i tried ive tried the makers of star wars Lucas Arts and they blew me off can anyone please help cause my patience is running real low with this computer. Thank you

    PS: my computer is brand new i got it 2 months ago and the systems requirements for the game well my computer says it can handle most of it (windows XP meadia center, 200GB hard drive, AMD athlon 64 processor, ATI radeon 200 express notify me for more info if you have a working answer)
  2. Vigilante

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    Holy crap, I think you just won the award for longest sentence without a period or paragraph! Congratulations! And you probably get an award for most awkward name as well :)

    As for your games, step one is, compare "recommended" system requirements of the game to your actual hardware. I would not be surprised if your RAM and video are sorely lacking.

    Otherwise, could you be more specific about what exactly happens, what messages you see, or the behavior, and what you do to stop it.

    good luck
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