trouble transferring files using a crossover cable

By Dannymik
Jun 6, 2007
  1. I want to transfer files between my desktop and laptop. My primary computer is the desktop using Windows XP Professional. I just purchased a laptop that uses Windows Vista Home Premium. I bought a crossover cable to transfer files between the two, but have had no luck with any of this. I've tried changing the IP addresses in both computers to be very similiar. They are both labeled "Workgroup". I'm not very good with Vista yet, so take that into consideration. I don't want to buy some $50-$60 software program to guide me step by step...although I might have to if I can't resolve this! If you can help I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  2. jobeard

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    I'm on XP so I can only show you the XP path on this.

    Usually, we run the Network Wizzard,
    choose the item that says this computer connects to the Internet and all others
    connect to this system
    select the SECOND nic card (as the first runs to the Internet)
    and finish up.

    the second nic will have the address and can be seen via
    ipconfig /all

    on the OTHER computer,
    get the properties of the NIC card
    set the ip-address to
    the mask to
    the gateway to
    and the DNS the same as the gateway

    now both systems should be able to ping each other

    file/print sharing can then be setup
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