Trouble uninstalling integrated gfx when getting new gfx card

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Jan 3, 2008
  1. Hey guys,
    I got an 8800 GTS and new power supply to go with it (because my old PSU was 300W).

    Since I've never done any changes more complicated than adding memory and switching gfx cards, I tried to install the power sup without anyone else's help - it didn't look too hard.

    I installed the power supply, put in the new gfx card - booted, and then LAG. It lagged like holy hell.

    I didn't remove the intel integrated graphics :blush: but tried installing the new driver software and it told me I didn't have vista 32 bit, where I most certainly do. I just started back, and removed the 8800, and then booted with the integrated card and atm I'm trying to get the driver uninstalled for the 6150 thingy that came with it.

    Whenever I go to the device manager, display adapters, and right click (or double click) the integrated card I have, it freezes up.

    Help? :(
  2. eroz

    eroz TS Enthusiast Posts: 76

    turn off and unplug computer. Remove the 8800 GTS card. Turn on computer. disable the integrated graphic card. Turn off and unplug computer. Insert the new graphic card. Turn on computer. Vista should detect the new card and possibly ask or it might just go ahead and download the required drivers.

    nevermind I see you already tried that.......What is the 6150 thingy? Is that the integrated graphic card? Have you tried disabling the integrated graphic via BIOS?
  3. Mexicanbro

    Mexicanbro TS Rookie Topic Starter

    6150 is the integrated one.

    Ok, I got the integrated graphics card driver uninstalled, but now when I try to install the 8800 driver, it screws with me. I put the card in, and load the CD they give you with the card. Blabla, it installs fine - then you have to DL a new driver? So I go to Nvidia site and they suggest this one 169.25 and so I try getting that, but then when I hit the install screen, it tells me I don't have Vista 32 bit, but I do.

    I might already have the most current one on the CD they gave, but if that's the case, its still lagging.

    I will try to disable the card via BIOS, but am not sure how really.
  4. eroz

    eroz TS Enthusiast Posts: 76

    Before you install the new 8800 drivers, install the graphic card. Let Vista find the new hardware first and install drivers. Then go to your card brand, for example EVGA, to search/make sure you have the latest drivers.
  5. Mexicanbro

    Mexicanbro TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I think its working :)

    Nvidia didn't have the most recent driver on their site, so when I went to eVga site, that had an even more up to date one. Thanks for the suggestion :)
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