Trouble with Svideo on new laptop w/Vista

By roseypeach
Dec 25, 2007
  1. Hi there,

    My hubby got me a new laptop for Christmas (YEAH!!!) anyhoos, my old laptop was a Dell Latitude and I simply plugged the svideo cable/audio cable to that laptop and voila! I had video on my television, strictly windows video though.

    Here's the problem: This new laptop (HP Pavillion dv6500) has the same Svideo as the former laptop, so I do the procedure over and all I got was my desktop from the new laptop. I tried toggling the video to my tv using the shortcut given in the owners guide, but that doesn't work. The video card is an NVIDIA MCP67M. I went to display properties (under Vista Home Basic) and somehow managed to get the tv as my sole display (which totally freaked me out btw). I managed to fix it but am back to my original problem. Any suggestions would be MORE than welcome. Thanks!


    edited@9:28PM: I was able to get it to work by 'switching screens' however the sound was not working. I have determined that the speaker wire input is not working. We will be swapping the computer tomorrow. I would have deleted this post but didn't have the option. G'nite!
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