Trouble with WOW

By Muza
Sep 21, 2006
  1. HI All,

    I have been playing wow for a while with no trubs but now i am getting a random connection issue that wont go away,

    i have contacted blizzard twice about this, and they sugested the i check a whole lot of different settings which i have looked at and can not see any problems.

    what happens is that i will be be playing and i will get booted or log off for some reason, but when i try to get back on the server will boot me after ten seconds or so....? thi will continue until i leave the character alone for a few hours. then i will be able to get back on.

    the weird thing is that my other character will work fine?

    has anyone had rpoblems like this or know how to fix it???

    Thanks Muza
  2. alienman

    alienman TS Rookie

    it could be the add-ons maybe, ive never had that problem maybe addons in that specific char.
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