Troubleshooting sudden reboots/crashes


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Then I'm afraid either your RAM is bad, or your HDD is corrupt. Chances are that it'd most likely be the RAM. If you have two sticks, run the PC on one of them only and see if there are any BSODs. The one that doesn't give any is the good one, although there are chances both have gone bad. If you want to check for it, download memtest86 (Google for it). It'll download as an ISO, which you can burn on an empty CD and boot your PC with. Let it run overnight on each RAM stick and if you get even 1 error, that RAM stick is bad.


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I've got a problem that is pretty annoying...Whenever I try to play one pretty old game called FarCry, when its just started to load a map, the computer quits the farcry, and shuts, what should I do ?
Help! Trained Techie still has problems!

I was given a PC to repair.A P4 with 256k RAM,graphics card,40GB Maxtor HDD.When turned on there was no picture on the monitor,so I gathered it was the hard drive.So I removed it and ran it on a HP Vectra,but it didn't run past the F2 prompt.
So I removed the graphics card,ram,HDD to another PC,an Asus V7X8? and got a blue screen of death.So after removing and reinstalling all the hardware,ram etc I still got no joy.After more attempts I rebooted it and inserted a CD of Windows XP Pro essential and it began to go through the install process.Before doing this though,I went into the Bios and changed the HDD to auto (detect) from NONE,as the HDD wasn't shoowing at POST,or even installed,then made the CD Rom the first boot.
As this PC at the POST had detected the CDRW and DVD ROM Combo.Could this be the problem,that it has two similar hadrware devices? This hardware was alread installed and detected on the PC. But as it went to copy the files,it said 1 was not found so I rebooted it to try again...This time it again had no picture on the monitor,and beeped insessantly. approx 8 short? continual beeps.After a while,attempting to fix it I turned it off.When I turned it back on 10mins later it seemed ok.So I tried to install an O/S,it didn't boot,then I rebooted the PC and it began beeping again...Turned it off.Left it.Rebboted.Beeped continually again,so I turned it off.

So,what's the problem?

The power supply,the graphics card,the HDD,or the monitor? Could a virus on the PC though formatted,have killed it?
Why do some peoples PCs run,then 5 minutes later,keep doing this? Is it a virus has killed the Master Boot record,or something else?I know 2 people who's PCs are like this...
Why do some peoples PCs run for a while,then just shut down 5mins-20mins later,for no reason at all? Is it a virus in the Master boot record,and killed the motherboard or...making the motherboard useless?


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my situation is not so usual..

i have this new set of ram,, corsair to be exact..

then i have run mem test.. it shows few errors..

but.. can a brand new ram can make such..


next time i received an error ill post it

im only new to this..

and my ccleaner deletes my dumps..


hope to communicate with you soon
Computer Bluescreaned when Idle

Techspot Members,
My computer is as follows:
OS (Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate)
Memory (2 x 2 gb ddr3 g.skill 1600mhz)
Graphics card (Two crossfired radeon 5850 1gb gpu)
Processor (AMD Phenom ii 1090T)
Case (Coolermaster HAF 922)
-it has a 200mm fan in the front, side and top
-it has a 120mm fan in the back.

This bluescreen happened when returning back from a long period of idle state. Upon waking up the computer it restarted with BSOD
Here's what it said in stability monitor, and I'll attach the minidump.bmp
Thanks in advance for your feed back.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000009f (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa8004655a20, 0xfffff80000ba2748, 0xfffffa8007e3a010). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 120210-19219-01.


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My config is shown in picture.
it is having a restart problem. after running 1 to 2 hrs it gets restarted automatically and once it gets restarted it restarted rapidly. upon shutdown for a long time it will again gets in its normal condition for 2hrs and then the process continues. when it restarts at the front window it shows the three option like safe mode,automatically, and network prompt etc. but when it restarts simultaneously after 1 or 2 times the monitor and all the other peripheral does not gets the supply. and nothing is working. just CPU light is glowing.I have checked the speedfan test and the screen shot is attached to this, please some one come across and help me.. thank you.. here is my mail id- [Email address removed]


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