troubleshooting TFC

By Tigs
Apr 15, 2003
  1. Hello,

    For a couple months now, TFC has become MOSTLY un-playable.
    sometimes I show 10 loss and 90 choke, other times 0 - 0 but either way the game is still a step behind all the key-mashing and gets worse when on-screen action increases, including the mouse locking up at times.

    My isp insists nothing is wrong on their end, though web surfing does seem slower than it used too (comcast, former-att cable)pings to the gaming servers is often 100 or less yet it plays like 400.

    upgrading to windowsXP along with more memory and a new HDD did nothing to improve performance.

    My machine appears stable in every aspect EXCEPT for TFC.
    any thoughts appreciated. Thx

    512 ddr
    asus a7m266 (1007)
    geForce4 ti 4200 128 mb (4345)
    amd athlon 1000
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