Trying to Bridge behind a router

By harvetr8
Mar 27, 2006
    I am trying to bridge my Xbox 360 and my laptop in order to force host because I am tired of getting modded and standbyed in Halo 2 (honestly good intentions I don't cheat and am happy with my mid-high 20s rankings - just tired of getting screwed by immature rank *****s).

    My laptop has a LAN and Wireless connection and is running Win XP home. My network normally runs my XBox, laptop and 3 other PCs off a Linksys WRT54GS v1 router, with v23 dd-wrt firmware. The XBox is the only thing wired while everything else is wireless.

    As near as I can tell there are a few ways to do what i want.
    1. Modem to PC to XBox
    2. Modem to Hub that splits to router and PC to Xbox (I think)
    3. Modem to Router to PC to XBox (with port forwarding I think)
    4. Modem to Router and the router acts as the bridge while
    simultaneously acting as a gateway for the network.

    I cannot do 1 b/c of the need for a router and I don't have a hub and am reluctant to buy one just for this. Therefore 3 & 4 are my only options. I cannot get 3 to work and I don't even know if 4 is possible. As for 3, I have tried highlighting the connections under Windows and selecting bridging but it doesn't work, at least not properly. I have also tried Internet Connection Sharing, but this won't seem to work according to w/out running through a dial up, which you can't for XBL. I am missing something here, whether wih my router firmware, my Windows connection settings, or both.

    OK everyone, I have searched several forums and all that I can find accross many websites are posts that refer to other posts. Consequently, I can never get the whole picture, plus I am only moderately familiar with networking. I thank everyone in advance for any help thay can give.
  2. Nodsu

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    I am not that familiar with XBox gaming.. Why bridge?

    No, the router will never act as a bridge for you. You may be able to achieve what you want by doing some simple port forwarding (forget the PC) or putting the XBox in the DMZ zone.

    If you have a really cool router and your ISP supports it, you may be able to use a separate public IP for the XBox only.
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