Trying to find out what motherboard this is..

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Jan 19, 2006
  1. Hi guys, a friend of my family recently gave us this computer (as he got a new one), but he doesn’t know what’s in it or have any sort of associating CDs (eg: xp, drivers etc). So here’s the problem. The windows XP was screwed when booting it up (which I gather was the ‘free’ part) and so I tried to recover it, failing that I just got fed up and formatted it. Now, does anyone know how to find out the model/make of the motherboard? Not only because I need the drivers for the sound/graphics etc but I’m planning to turn it into a media pc and therefore need to know what it can handle in terms of RAM and HDD space etc before I decide what parts I can get for it.

    So far I can determine that it has:
    Pentium 3 999Mhz
    Onboard Sound (4 audio jacks on the back)
    Onboard VGA
    3 Pci slots
    1 AGP slot
    2 DIMM slots for ram (one stick of 256mb currently installed)
    2 IDE plugs
    1 Floppy plug
    Seems to have an onboard modem that is taking up a PCI slot but isn’t? (refer to pic)
    1 parallel port
    1 serial port
    PS/2 Keyboard/mouse ports
    2 usb ports
    Yellow one I don’t recognize

    Currently connected to a Maxtor 20Gb HDD, 3.5” floppy and CD-RW

    When I boot up to bios all I can gather from the screen is that its running a “AMIBIOS American Megatrend Version 1.21.05” or something like that

    better pictures just ask me if you’re interested
    any help apprieciated.

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  2. Vaulden

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    This is going to be a tough one unless someone recognizes it from owning/working on it. Might help if you can tell us what is printed on each of the chips (brand names, model numbers, etc). If we can find out what kind of audio chip, north or south bridge we can narrow down our search. Also if there is ANYTHING written between the PCI and/or IDE slots that will help.

    ***Edit: Ok it looks like it has an SIS chipset, but I'm not sure which version. The chip below the CPU will have some number/letters on it. Also if we can get the brand/model of the video and sound it would make it a lot easier.

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Just use one of the Everest Products, they should tell you what motherboard you have. Just google Everst and download one of them. You could also try SiSoftware Sandra or SIW.
  4. Vaulden

    Vaulden TS Rookie

    Well don't I feel stupid now... heh.

    Of the three he mentioned SIW is small and is not an install, it is only an executable. SiSoft Sandra is a program that is installed but has much more functionallity than SIW. Everest no longer offers a freeware version of thier software, though you may be able to find older version floating around the net.

    If you want something small and quick and don't need any real bells or whistles I'd give SIW a shot (first link in google), I think this program will have to go on my diagnostics CD... thanks SHUMIinSA.

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    You are welcome.

    N3051M use SIW then, it should be able to tell you what motherboard you have, at least it can tell what mine is.
  6. N3051M

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    geniuses.. absolute geniuses!

    you guys rock.. i have heard of such programs existed but never realy looked into it as i never needed one.. Anyways, it turns out to be an ALi 1631 version 1.. in which a short google search gave me PCChips M754L..
    I have read somewhere that certain mobos made before 2000 can only support a small hdd.. and the manual or doesnt realy specify the max hdd space.. any ideas?

    Property Value
    Manufacturer Acer Laboratories Inc.
    Model ALi 1631
    Version 1.0
    Serial Number 00000000
    Chipset Model ALI M1621 Aladdin Pro II AGP System Controller
    Chipset Vendor Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi/ULi)

    CPU Intel Pentium III
    Cpu Socket Socket 370 [Socket-370 ]
    Processor Upgrade Slot 1

    System Slots 3 PCI

    Memory Summary
    Capacity 0 MBytes
    Location Reserved
    Maximum Capacity 1536 MBytes
    Memory Slots 3
    Error Correction 64-bit ECC
    Name Physical Memory Array
    Use Reserved
    Maximum Memory Module Size 512 MBytes

    BIOS Version AMIINT - 10
    BIOS Date 07/06/01
    BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
    Version 62710
    Release 07/15/97
    BIOS Size 256 KB
    - supports booting from ATAPI ZIP drive
    - supports booting from LS-120
    - supports AGP
    - supports legacy USB
    - supports ACPI
    - supports INT 10 CGA/Mono video services
    - supports INT 17 printer services
    - supports INT 14 serial services
    - supports INT 09 and 8042 keyboard services
    - supports INT 05 print-screen
    - supports INT 13 3.5-inch/2.88M floppy services
    - supports INT 13 3.5-inch/720K floppy services
    - supports INT 13 5.25-inch/1.2M floppy services
    - supports INT 13 5.25-inch/360K floppy services
    - supports Enhanced Disk Drive specification
    - BIOS ROM is socketed
    - supports selectable boot
    - supports booting from CD-ROM
    - ESCD support is available
    - allows BIOS shadowing
    - upgradeable (Flash) BIOS
    - supports APM
    - supports Plug-and-Play
    - supports PCI

    DMI Version 2.3 @000F0070

    again thanks a bunch
  7. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435


    Everest can still be found, just google it. also astra32 is good-and belarc will also give you the mobo, and everything else. :angel:
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