Trying to find parts for a motherboard!

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Mar 29, 2005
  1. My Compaq R3030us laptop wont power up anymore. So i opened it up and found the the connector on the MB, where u plug the ac adapter is cracked. I tryed to solder it, but that wasn't the problem. It is the connector itself (the connector on the MB) If anyboby can tell me a website or place where I can just buy the part, instead of replacing the whole MB. thx
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  3. shaggy4284

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    thx realblackstuff but that website only carries ac adapters. Im looking for parts on the motherboard like capacitors, batteries, etc.... I really need the ac plug inside that is soldered on the MB.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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  5. shaggy4284

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    realblackstuff thx for the help but im not looking for parts for the Compaq. I am looking for parts just the motherboard. Like i said its just the ac connector on the MB that is defective. So im looking for a website or someone i can call, for parts to repair a MB. Thanks again :approve:
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    Try, or you might have to just other a replacement board from manufacturer and swap out, sorry havent worked on laptop much other than add ram to wife toshiba. I hope this site will help out a bit.
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    trying to fix it yourself with another part would probably cause more trouble than the computer's worth. in such a case, you'd be best off getting a new computer to replace the laptop.
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    Motherboards are made of 5-7 layers which makes them so expensive to repair that its cheaper to buy a new board. And trying to repair yourseld can damage other components and circuit tracings.
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