Trying to flash my BIOS!!!

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Jan 10, 2008
  1. I have a Award Modular v6.00PG BIOS that I am trying to upgrade. When I open the file to upgrade the BIOS it is a command bassed program that i am not sure how to use.

    The file is called "CTFLASHC.exe" does anyone know how to use this program?
  2. raybay

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    Be very, very sure you understand it all. With any Award BIOS we have ever seen, there are very complete instuctions also available at the site.

    We have seen so many ruined motherboards in our shop that were destroyed by someone not fully understanding how a flash install of the BIOS actually works, and how long it takes.

    The problem is that there are about 15 ways to update a BIOS, and one is not the same as another. Some can boot from a USB drive. Some will only boot from a floppy drive disk, while others are first installed to a CD as an ISO.
    Any BIOS installed incorrectly can permanently kill the motherboard.

    It is better not to do it at all, than to do it incorrectly. Double check the site where the you found the BIOS for download.
  3. crawdoogie

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    Words of wisdom Raybay...
    Go to the your PC's manufacturers website for detailed instructions in flashing the BIOS.
    Or if you built the PC yourself go to mobo manufacturers website.
    Please include your system specs in future posts
  4. _FAKE_

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    Flashing my BIOS was easier than installing a program. I just copied the new BIOS file to my flash drive. Restarted my PC, loaded the flashtool and it automatically detected the BIOS file and all I had to do was press enter and that was it. It installed and I got my new, more stable BIOS.
  5. kimsland

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    Yes but _FAKE_ would you do it on someone elses computer (easy remember)
    And would you advise someone, how to flash their computer, just on your info.

    If not, then best leave the answers to the ones that are experienced
  6. Tedster

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