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Apr 25, 2005
  1. Hi I have Windows XP Home Edition (don't think it matters but oh well) I have a 60 Gig WD HD installed and I just bought a New 120 GIG WD HD and I want to install it so that the computer reads both hard drives as one? is that RAID? and I know that my mother board supports it as i was told by the place that I bought the Motherboard from. It is a Gigabyte board with Onboard AC97 Audio. How do I Install?
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    Actualy you can RAID two different drives but the RAID controller will scale down to the slowest/smalest of the two. So if you do a RAID-0 stripe of your 60 & 120 drive, it will take 60GB from each & make it appear like a 120GB drive (thus you'll have half of your real 120GB drive remaining unused).

    If the two drives have different speeds, then once again it will scale down to the slowest one (5400 instead of 7200 RPM for example).

    Even if you do get it to work that way, stability & data safety aren't garanteed in any way. :giddy:
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    woops then i was worng then, but it kinda wont make sence in his case to do that y would u wast 60gb anyway so there wont be much gain
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    if all you want to do is make it appear as one drive, i think all you need to do is make a spanned volume.
    This can be done in disk management..though you may have to make them both dynamic disks first...

    This doesnt give u and speed or parity (not sure why u wanted raid) but just joins the hds together. :angel:
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