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Apr 26, 2005
  1. Hello
    I have an old P4 1.6 ghz computer with 512 mb of PC2100 ram. Its a matasonic motherboard. I just got a new computer so i can pretty much do whatever i like with this one. I want to try and overclock it just to try and out and learn how to do it. I understand you have to change the bus speed. I went to the BIOS and found the place to do so. But it won't let me hightlight and change the Bus speed from the default 100 mhz. Is it the motherboard? What should i do.
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    Most system manufacturers like Dell and Gateway clock-lock their motherboards to keep customers from overclocking. You may be able to get a newer BIOS from Matsonic to over come that. Also some cheap boards dont have manual bus speed adjustments and some boards require you to set jumpers on the board to change bus speed.
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    Dude did you not read the READ post's before you posted this thread? That would more than likely answer your question. Also you should look around in the threads becuase I am positive there is a thread exactly like this one somewhere.
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    Most oem pc's don't allow ocing, so you'd either need to get a new mobo that can, or use a windows based overclocker(if one exists that will work in your scenerio). Is the cpu a northwood or a williamette. If it's a northwood, then it could be one of the better ocing cpus. 1.6ghz northwoods usually can over clock from 100(400fsb) to 133(533fsb) without much trouble(final speed of 2.128ghz).
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    As you have an old computer to experiment with, if it's overclockable, it's a good bed to learn with. So why not, how else will you ever learn. Just be forewarned that as others had stated, as you are new to this, you could very easily run into big problems

    Look here to read what appears to be a pretty good article on learning to overclock.
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    whatever u decide do have the right cooling elements with u before u start

    and check for stability run some benchmarking software for sometime continusly.
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    I think i have the right cooling equipment. The fan is rated for processor speeds a little over 2 ghz as i remember. I will try what u guys said. Thanks
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