Audio Trying to run a USB headset and Speakers at same time

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Here's my problem.

I have speaker that I use for music and a USB headset for games.

I'd like to make it so I can just turn the volume down on one and just use the other for what I desire, instead I have to open my sound settings and switch the default every time.

Any solutions?


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ok so u want to be able to listen to music through the headset while your speakers are on as well?
theres the problem
your computer has one audio out (which is hooked to your speakers) the reason the usb mic works is when that out is disabled it goes to your next default, your usb port.
so basically sound can only come out of one place at one time from ur comp.
i hope i helped
I figured that was how it worked. What about tweaking something to make it function at a 4 speaker system?

Left Speaker, Left Ear, Rigth Speaker, Right Ear. Is this possible?
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