turn on DHCP?

By imitator1
Aug 3, 2005
  1. 2 brand new computers, new XP pro installs, both work fine when harwired to broadband modem, but only one works onto internet when they are both wired to the Mercury network hub which is connected to modem, i have both the computers sharing and able to access each other fine, but only one works on the internet, i think ive traced it down to DHCP, it is set to "yes" in ipconfig /all on the computer that works fine, but it is set to "no" on the computer that wont go through to internet. is this the problem? if so how do i set it to "yes"?

    much thanks

  2. zellyman

    zellyman TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Quick and easy route, take your Hub back and buy a router. Your ISP probably only allows you to have 1 IP address at a time, and a computer pulls it from your ISP's DCHP servers. So the first computer that you boot up will get the IP adress, and the other will be left out in the cold. So, you can only have one computer, XBox, PS2, etc with internet access at a time. Now on the other hand, with a router, the one IP address that is pulled from your ISP is taken by your router, and then the router assigns everything that connects to it its own internal IP address, In essence, sharing the IP adress that your ISP gives you. You'll have to unplug your modem for about a minute, then connect it all like you did with your hub. Now everything that you plug into the router will be able to access the internet in a minute or less from the time you plug it in.
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