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Sep 17, 2005
  1. Hey guys, I've never played with capture devices before so I had a general question.
    I don't have a regular TV right now so I wanted to try out using my PC as such. Not for cable TV or whatever, but for capture. Namely I wanted to see if I could hook my regular DVD player up to it (so composite input) and I also want to hook my old Super Nintendo up to it. And I have an RF adapter for that.

    I can get like a Pinnacle AV/DV or whatever at Newegg but can such a device work for this? I mean, I don't want JUST a capture device, where all it can do it record input that I see in a tiny preview window. Or can ANY capture card function as a TV and just display a video window with whatever input is coming in?

    A little insight from those who already traveled this road would be appreciated. So what's the best way to hook my standard DVD player and RF SNES to my PC?

  2. SOcRatEs

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    I have an old diamond viper 330 agp 32mb video card, that
    has tv and radio inputs. I have had a vcr hooked up to it and
    watched videos. I even tried cable and got basic channels.
    Seems to me it has rca in and outs, cable in and out, and svideo in and out.
    It had a software package like a ulead dvd player that did caputre too.
    It's yours for the asking, if it'll help. PM me.

    There are pci tv cards avail. that should do what I think you're wanting.
    Tho I am not sure at all bout the Super Nintendo.
    I would think theres a way if you can watch TV on a PC.
  3. Vigilante

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    Hey thanks for the offer. But I don't think I want to put an actual vid card in there. Just capture. Only because I don't know about driver support and whether it would cause any issues etc... That card is a classic!

    But I think you're right, I need a TV card, not just a capture card. A TV card will have the RF input. But then again, I don't need a TV "tuner". I'm not trying to get channels.
    So basically I need a capture card with RCA inputs (and audio?) and a RF (TV) plug.
    Any ideas on a product with this description?
  4. SOcRatEs

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    A friend uses this one Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 $60.

    There is a computer swap meet tomorrow morning.
    Scotsdale comm. college. 5am to 12pm put on by boy scouts
    I have seen some good cards out there...
  5. Vigilante

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    Not bad. I want to buy from newegg if possible. They had a Hauppauge but not the same one. I was looking at these 3 maybe:




    Think they would work? One is OEM I think so maybe no software. Wonder if there is some freeware apps for capture.

    We have swap meets out here occasionally, never been to one yet though.

    One of those cards has a left and right composite audio, which is nice if I ever connected a composite set like Gamecube or even my DVD player is. That way I don't get stuck with mono I guess.
  6. SOcRatEs

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    Very nice,
    I think the first one is for cable security system.
    I like the last one tho,
    Hauppauge WINTV-GO-PLUS PCI Interface WinTV-Go-Plus - Retail
    Seems feature rich, in fact at that price I'm intrested too.
    I have Dvr cable box that has a sata port for extended storrage.
    I'd love to figger a way to hook directly to my pc.
    This card could do that for me...I'd love to convert my Vhs's to dvd
  7. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,666

    Ya that one looks pretty good except for mono audio. Mono is fine for my console or cam feed. But if I hook the VHS or even DVD to it, stereo would be worlds better.
    I'm gunna check out what else Hauppauge, MSI, and Pinnacle have.
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