turning up the voltage on my ram

By truflip
Mar 13, 2006
    I have 2x512MB of these Generic ram modules with Samsung chips in them. They are NOT OC'ing ram, but I just have to OC them. my FSB is currently at 245 and my ram WAS at 166mhz. i guess thats 5:3 ratio. Recently, I felt the need to try out 200mhz again (my PC failed to do 200mhz back then) with a fan blowing on the ram modules.

    here are my results:

    RAM SPEED: 166mhz to 200mhz
    Read: 4720 > 5940 MB/s
    Write: 3220 > 4062 MB/s
    Copy: 3683 > 4627 MB/s
    Latency: 62ns > 53ns

    I have tested my system again (with a small fan blowing a bit of air to the ram modules) and prime95 ran 13hours no problem. I ran Memtest86 and gave me no errors.

    BUT, there was one incident in which, after testing with prime95, i restarted to 'refresh' my computer and it gave me a BSOD with 0x0000007E error. so i promtly restarted and everythings been fine ever since.

    now heres my question: what risks am i looking at by turning up the VDIMM or ram voltage up a bit from 2.61v to 2.75v? As of right now, the system is stable but for maximum stability and to insure this stability, i would like to boost up the voltage a little.

    will my ram die within the next year? will i burn the chips, will i risk corrupting my files/harddrive?

    looking at the results above, is that a big difference in real life applications? is it worth the risk of OCing a non-OCing ram? someone please let me know
  2. vnf4ultra

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    At your settings you should be using a "166/200" divider, which is about a 5:6 ratio. This would make your ram run at almost exactly ddr 400(stock speed).
    The 5:6 divider can be called 166mhz or ddr333 in the bios memory speed selection, it depends on the bios.

    Your ram isn't really overclocked if you use this divider, and therefore shouldn't have any problem running at ddr400 if it's ddr400 ram(and is not faulty).

    If it isn't stable, then more voltage could help stabilize it, you can try 2.7-2.75v, and shouldn't have any problem. It could help you run more stabily, which is good. I've been running my value ram at 2.7v for a good while, and haven't had any issue(I think for a while I tried 2.8v, but only for a bit).
  3. truflip

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    yea that makes sense, its actually not OC'ed lol. it was underclocked b4 (as u know it) i jus made it run at 200mhz (245htt) I will go ahead and up the voltage, thnx for helpin me out
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