Tutorial: Installing XP from DOS - *****'s Guide.


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1, download the win98SE boot floppy from here if you don't already have one

2, format a floppy with a normal format

3, run the program you just downloaded to create the floppy

4, start your computer with the win98 startup floppy without cd support.

5, type "fdisk /mbr" (without the inverted commas)

6, type "fdisk" (without the inverted commas) and use the screen that comes up to delete all partitions (unless you have a partition you want to keep).

7, reboot if and when requested. Next step is to create a partition

8, format the partition in FAT32

9, Use the 98 boot floppy to boot the computer with CD support.

10, Insert the win XP cd, and copy the I386 folder from it to your hard drive. Do this by typing each command in order (below) and pressing enter after each one...
md c:\i386
cd e:\i386 (or whatever your cd drive letter is to replace "e")
copy *.* c:\i386
11, Change directory to the I386 folder on your harddrive, and run winnt.exe. Do this by entering the following commands, as you just did above...
cd i386
WinXP should start installing.