Tv-out woes. TV produces strange noises

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Aug 19, 2004
  1. I have a MSI Geforce 4 Ti48000SE, which has an s-video TV-out. The card also comes with a cable which has an s-video connector at one end, and splits into a standard tulip red/yellow/white at the other.

    I bought a long cable with male tulip connectors at both ends, which I thought was the right thing for connecting the PC up to the TV (maybe this is where I've gone wrong, I'm not sure). The connectors all fit ok, but when I use the nVidia driver control panel in windows to tell it to out put to the TV, all I get is a short nasty squeak from the TV each time I tell it to 'detect displays'. No picture of any kind. I'm fairly certain I've got the TV on the right channel (the A/V input), and the s-video splitter coming out of the computer is (again, I'm assuminng) converting the signal into composite form for the Tv.

    Has anyone else had this problem, or anything like it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    try setting up the TV display and then rebooting with all of it enabled. You might also try setting the TV as the primary display. Are you using the latest drivers for the vid card?
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    The card should automatically switch to a lower refresh rate when switching to TV mode, but you might want to lower the refresh rate before enabling TV output.
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    You are splitting S-Video to Yellow Red and White? That can't be right, it should only go to yellow. S-Video doesn't carry sound, thats what the red and white are for, and that shoudl come from your sound card, not vid card.

    But perhaps I just misread your post, which is entirely possible.
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    umm look, dnt plug in the red + white coz pc graphics cards dont hav sound. and if it is producing a sound still...

    REFRESH RATES!!!:grinthumb

    look ill educate u quickly on a few things...

    tvs generally hav low refresh rates, 50hz, (although better newer 1s support 100hz) and for this reason r designed to show big objects from a long distance so it does not hurt your eyes. a computer monitor is designed to run at higher refresh rates, generally 60hz+, so you dont hurt your eyes reading siz 8 font letters close to the screen.

    tv is generally crap on a monitor and comp graphics r crap on a tv.

    :blackeye: if u still wanna b a pain. then look, lower ur refresh rate to 50hz, but it may still make a sound (if its CRT tv). it should make a high pitch sound all the time wen its on, but may b louder coz the tube is under strain tryin 2 display a higher resolution, at a higher refresh rate, with brighter colours and light settings, all of which it is not designed for. ohhh.... and just a warning. dont sit too close to the comp screen or tv whilst at 50hz, as explained thers a reason y computer monitors r such a high refresh rate!

    get a bloody 21 inch monitor for gods sake!

    happy fraggin!
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