TV Tuner Madness on Media Centre!!!!! Help Me Please!!!!

By crimsonking
Nov 11, 2005
  1. Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem with TV signals for my Media Centre on my Packard Bell 1528? Basically the problem is signal strength (so I've been told by PC World support staff) Sometimes my Live TV in Media Centre works perfectly other times I just get the blue box saying there's no signal received. I've got the cable running through a booster device and it still tells me there's no signal?!

    My tuner is Philips TDA8275A tuner with TDA10046 as DVB-T demodulator (whatever that means!?) I've managed to record shows with this problem but cannot watch live TV!!!!

    Anyway any suggestions as to how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.


    a very frustrated Brit!

    Oh here's an update. When I get the blue message box suggesting the channels off air or there's a problem with the antenna if I go to Settings - TV - Configure TV/Monitor and re-enter the details the Live TV comes back?!

    Can anyone identify what the problem is and suggest a solution?

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