TV Tuner Problems

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Mar 23, 2006
  1. Hey everyone,
    I recently purchased an Xbox 360 and on doing so put my TV Tuner back into my computer, when I booted up it had two 'Found New Hardware Wizards', the first located it's device as being an ASUS TV7134 WDM and installed succesfully, the second was unable to locate a driver and wasn't willing to cooperate.
    I fired up InterVideo Home Theatre, the program I used prior to removing my TV Tuner and used to fuction fine, and it just did not show a TV option, it was completely gone from the menu.
    After many Google searches for drivers or alternatives my only lead was the program DScaler which apparently did not require the card to have drivers. After trying many options with this program I did manage to recieve sound from the Xbox, but no matter what I tried video would not appear.
    I should mention that both the TV Tuner, which according to Dscaler is a Philips FQ1216ME MK3 [PAL/SECAM multi], and InterVideo Home Theatre came with my computer which is a HP Pavilion t760a.
    I have reformatted using the HP reformatting tool during the period the card was out but I'm not sure what difference that would make.
    I contacted HP by e-mail and using their HP Chat service, but neither could assist me.
    According to Philips site they have no records of ever making a TV Tuner, and InterVideo's website couldn't help either.
    So I turn to TechSpot, the site that as managed to help me with all my other computer problems :)
  2. Nodsu

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    Didn't you get a drivers/software CD with your TV tuner?

    Philips doesn't make any TV tuner cards, they make the chips.
  3. Skutty

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    Like I said the TV Tuner came already inside my HP, pre-installed, although there might be something on the HP disks that came with the computer I can't find them right now.
  4. Skutty

    Skutty TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    Anyone? Otherwise I'm going to have to buy a new TV Tuner.
  5. Spike

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    Take the TV Tuner crd out of the PC and examine it. Make note of any model name/number etc printed on the card, in particular looking out for something called an "FCCID", which is a long alpha-numeric sequence.

    If you think it might help, write down the numbers/model of the chips themselves (in full) also. Hopefully this should help decide whether XP is assigning the correct driver to the card (It wouldn't be the first time XP mistook one piece of hardware for another!)
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