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By David Guy
Mar 10, 2006
  1. Hi All

    Is it possible to get satellite channels on the computer and send to the TV if so where can I buy the equipment and how much does it cost?


  2. lydiate7

    lydiate7 TS Rookie

    here's a way

    buy the "SLINGBOX" ($200 to $250 from best buy, fry's, comp usa, circuit city, ect.) then hook your sat box to the slingbox and your computer to your tv (you should be good to go .... ANYWHERE in the world with that set up) ... talked with some people who have it and they love it and the slingbox won all sorts of awards to boot. you should check it out

    remember you can go from your computer to your tv by using the s-cable connection (if you have that card on your computer- I have a laptop and I have one) or use the red, white, and yellow cables (again if you have that capability)
    if not ...
    you need a tv tuner card. again the stores listed above can set you up.

    Good Luck Dave

  3. David Guy

    David Guy TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19


    Hi Paul
    Thanks for the advice, I have a svideo out on the computer so I guess this is the best way to the TV.

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