Tweaking a modem.

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Aug 15, 2002
  1. Does anyone know how to tweak a modem? I have Windows XP with a 56k. How do I tweak my modem so i can get a better ping for playing games? I went to Techspot and looked at the thing, I have to go to properties to tweak it, but when i click properties it won't come up...the window won't come up..what do i do? :confused:
  2. cabrone

    cabrone TS Rookie Posts: 153 has some really good tips, im sure theres some good things for you there
  3. Rick

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    There is only one thing I know that can cause this - AOL. Perhaps there are other services out there that do this as well, but AOL's awful software keeps you from manually editing your modem settings via Dial Up Manager.

    You MAY be able to do it using a registry tweaker, or using registry tweaks. But I'm not sure if they will take affect or not. Your ISP software may put priority on its own settings rather than Windows.

    If you do not have to install/run any type of software to connect to your ISP, then this is not the problem.
  4. Da Masta

    Da Masta TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Tweak the modem

    Does taht TweakXP site tell u how to tweak ur modem so it runs faster and so I can get a better ping playing my online games?
  5. TS | Thomas

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    If you can't access "Properties" then there's nothing you can really do as most settings you need change are there. Tweakxp shouldn't be of much use either as such. Dunno if they even have a modem guide like ours.
  6. StormBringer

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    Tweakxp just has a bunch of tips and tweaks people have submitted. They are semi-sorted but not very well. They used to be fairly good but have diminished, because a good deal of the tips don't work.
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