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Tweaking Windows

By WinDoWsMoNoPoLy
May 21, 2006
  1. In this thread i will list various ways to tweak Windows for better system performance.

    Windows has many services that run that are not neccessary, to turn off the ones you do not need do this:
    Go to run and type "services.msc"
    Go to this website Services.htm and set the settings to what you think is best for you. After changing the setting for each service make sure to click apply before closing the properties. If the service is not in the list on the site it is best not to mess with it.

    The simplest tweak i know of in Windows is to turn off the all flashy windows transitions and things like that. To do this right click My Computer > Advanced. From here click the "settings" under performance and select "adjust for best performance".

    After running a install of Windows for a while under the same profile. Icon cache builds up and may cause slowdown in the display of icons in the startmenu and windows explorer. To reset the icon cash go to /Documents and Settings/Username/Local Settings/Application Data and delete the "IconCache.db". Windows will automaticly create a new one.

    I know more tweaks but most of them aren't for performance, i may list them later if i feel like it.

    Feel free to add tweaks!
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    2 things... That services page is based on xp when it was PRE-SP2. It's Way out of date.

    The other thing is that caches are designed to speed up the showing of the things they contain, not to slow them down. Sure, over a certain size it could be detrimental, but how big is big ;)

    Anyhow... Techspot already has a complete guide on Windows services... - there's no point in doing half a job to improve performance.

    Speaking of performance, Techspot also has fairly comprehensive guides on most aspects of XP, including improving its performance...
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