TwinTech GeForce 7600 512MB AGP8x SYSTEM BOOT PROBLEM

By daskal
Feb 25, 2007
  1. Hello everyone!

    Up to 2 months ago I was using an old 4MB Matrox Millenium PCI graphics card in my system, and I thought it was time to upgrade. I thus bought this (inexpensive) Nvidia-based Graphics [TwinTech GeForce 7600 512MB AGP8x ] card since I installed in it my PC, I started having the following problem:

    1. 50% of the times I try to boot, before the POST routines come up, the BIOS beeps the error code "No Graphics Card Present" with the screen not even displaying the Graphic card's message (Serial number, Graphics BIOS etc)

    2. The other 50% of the times I try to boot my system, see the Windows XP boot screen (with the scrolling lights) and just before I see the Blue Logon Screen of Windows XP the screen either goes blank (with some HD activity) OR the system hangs (the mouse pointer stops responding). This case 2 scenario happens 90% of the times I manage to get past the pre-POST error codes. In order to reboot the system without the chance to fall into scenarion 1, i press the reset button on the tower case.

    I have tried modifying EVERY possible BIOS setting (and this QDI has many options to fiddle with), but no difference. There can be a whole month where I can boot 1 out of ten times successfully, and there can be 5 days in a row where I can boot without ANY problem (i.e. no pre-POST beeps and no hanging in the Windows logon screen).

    I should note the following:

    Hardware configuration:

    QDI Platinix2AL Motherboard (4x AGP Support) (the Graphics card is an 8x, but I can't see why it shouldn't downclock to 4x)
    1GB RAM, 400GB HD, USB2.0 PCI Card (No USB Devices attached)

    Apart from the power drawn from the PCI slot (which is most probably the cause of the problem, because the QDI is an old motherboard and I am not very sure whether the PCI slots can deliver the extra power to the card) the card is directly connected with an additional connector to my PSU, which is a CHIEFTECH HPC 360-202 with 360W total capacity and the following characteristics:
    +5V 35A
    +3.3V 28A
    +12V 17A (MAX 340W for these three supplies)
    -5V 0.3A 1.5W
    -12V 0.8A 9.6W
    +5VSB 2A 10W

    I do not have any other graphics card installed. The PCI slots are occupied by a SoundBlaster Audigy, a USB2.0 expansion slot (but with no USB Devices plugged in) and an Ethernet Network card.

    Software Configuration
    Windows XP SP2 with all the MS updates
    NVidia Control Panel (latest version)
    NVidia Forceware 93.71 (US Edition)

    From the looks of it, it is a hardware issue (since the card is sometime not recognised by the BIOS). If you can help me towards the PSU sufficiency, then it is most probably an inadequate (old) motherboard.

    Many thanks
  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    Hi, and welcome to techspot! Try moving the pci devices as far away from the agp card as possible. Also, try taking the card out and blowing in the agp slot in case there is dust in there.
  3. daskal

    daskal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    THanks for the tip!

    I did move every other card (& power wire) away from the AGP slot. I double checked connections (dual power cords etc) and I also cleaned the gold-plated pins of the card.

    The problem does not go away; most probably due to the old motherboard.

    Thanks, anyway!
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