Twitter ordered to identify protester, argues users own their data

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Sep 12, 2012
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  1. A New York State Supreme Court judge ordered Twitter to hand over the account information of Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris, Bloomberg reports. Twitter has until September 15 to comply with the court order to face an undisclosed fine...

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  2. I'm not familiar with the issue, why exactly do they want his account info again? To later prosecute him for his twitter comments or am I missing something here? If so, since when can you get prosecuted for saying something (doesn't matter what actually), on the internet no less, what happened to the freedom of speech and all that garbage... Or does it only apply when its convenient... Did he disclose some national secret or something?
  3. Tygerstrike

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    A bit of information. Freedom of Speech has a few loopholes in it. Yes you have the right to say whatever you want. But there are consiquences to doing so. FoS doesnt give you the right to yell "Fire" if none exists. FoS gives you the right to talk smack about the president, but the Secret Service will want to have a talk with you. FoS doesnt give you the right to incite a riot.
    Basically FoS in general gives the individual the RIGHT to say what they will. But as with any right there is always a slightly darker side to it.
    As for this story perhaps the author will point us to the seed story so we can all catch up lol.
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  4. TomSEA

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    So exactly what did Malcolm Harris do to warrant a Supreme Court ordered subpoena?
  5. bexwhitt

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    At least the USA has mostly free speech in the UK under section 5 of the public order act you could get attested for calling someones horse ugly, I kid you not
  6. Darkshadoe

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    "The Manhattan district attorney's office is seeking the information to combat Harris' defense that police led the march onto the roadway before turning around and arresting people for disorderly conduct and impeding vehicular traffic. Lawyers for others among the hundreds arrested October 30 on the bridge have echoed that statement."
  7. Guardian_31756

    Guardian_31756 TS Rookie

    Well, let's not forget that Freedom of Speech also has very drastic effects overseas, like Libya !
  8. Guardian_31756

    Guardian_31756 TS Rookie

    Are you forgetting what's going on in Libya with the Embassy incident ?
  9. Docnoq

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    The guy is not being arrested for what he said or tweeted. The court wants access to the tweets as evidence that Harris knew about the police warnings beforehand since he claims he did not. Ie, they want to see if Harris lied and was hopefully stupid enough to tweet about it.
  10. TJGeezer

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    Come on, be fair. That would have to be very upsetting to the horse.

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