Twitter seeing 1 billion tweets weekly, adds permanent HTTPS setting


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Twitter has announced a new security feature: a user setting that lets you always use HTTPS when accessing HTTPS is particularly important when using an Internet service over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

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Who would have thought that several million people would create several billion opinions.
Multiply that number by 2, then cut in it half. That would be correct formula for determining the ratio of a**holes to opinions.

However, the ratio of drivel to worthwhile tweets is catastrophically high. I can render a formula for that by pointing out; ** "I don't care what you're doing, I never have, and I categorically never will" **!

** to ** inclusive.......Consider Twitter dismissed, and in much less than 137 characters.


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This is news? That nonsense and its ilk are all over network TV. That, and some crazy woman stalking her boyfriend with a new 4 G phone. I just tune it out, so that's why I'm being a bit vague.

It is to me I guess :eek:. Although
being on network 'tv' would explain why I am behind in this nifty new service. (wheres the vomit emoticon?)


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All the marching morons need now is "Google TV", so they can mindlessly push the "Like" button when it comes on.

I will say this, you haven't had your intelligence insulted thoroughly until you've had the "Nature Made" vitamin commercial visited upon you. Substantively, it's tantamount to being told, "because I said so".

So where's the smiley in a dunce hat vomiting into the corner when you need it?