Two questions: voltage and random freezing

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alright so i just put together my new computer yesterday and had a few troubles but got through them and eventually got my pc up and running. after the drivers were installed i thought it would be a good time to relax and install some games to play. first game was oblivion. at the first time of installing my computer randomly froze midway through ti. and i mean froze couldnt do anything. i had to hard shut if off using the power button and turn it back on. so i tried it again and it installed fine. upon playing the game it was running smoothly. created my character and started playing. once i started walking around, the computer froze again. so i restarted checked my core center utility for temps and my idle cpu temp was reading at 32 and my sys temp was reading at 47. im not sure how acurate core center is but when i checked it on my bios, both temps read in the low 50's. i was installing warcraft 3, it went fine. when i started to install the expansion set to war3 at the end of the install it froze and i was measuring my temps and my cpu temp jumped from 32 to 48 and then the comp freezes.

also my other question regarding voltage. i looked on the amd website at my cpu specs and the voltage needed says 1.30-1.35. my core center is telling me that my cpu voltage is at 1.10(avg). is this a big deal?


amd athlon fx64-62 dual core
ati radeon hd 2900xt graphics card
physx processor
2 hard drives
2 cd drives
using the stock heatsink that came with the processor
use the stock fans that came with the case and also the graphics card and physx card fans.
also using the toughpower 850w thermaltake psu

btw: my fans are running at 3185rpm for the cpu and 2008rpm for the sys fan.
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i was using everest and looking at my even log and one of the error readings says:

Insufficient power to operate graphics card at standard settings??

what should i do??
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ok so some new test results in. im using everest this time and installing the war3 expansion set.

so it gets abour 3/4 the way through. its at the war3.mpq and suddenly my cpu temp goes from 32 all the way to about 48. the install freezes at this point, not my cmoputer.

i also have task manager up and throughout the install the cpu usage flucuates from 18 to 30 percent and then suddelny jumps up to 100% at the time of my cpu temp rise, and then the install stops responding. eventually though my computer returns back to normal temp.
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