Typing accented characters in Linux

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Hi. I use gedit as editor in my Linux systems (SUSE and Fedora); there I find that I can't type in accented characters like I used to do in Windows.

In the text editor in Windows, even using an English keyboard configuration, I could type in accented characters by entering a combination of Alt+<ASCIIcode>, for example Alt+130 would type in the accented 'e' character; this sequence doesn't work in Linux.

Any suggestions on how to solve the problem ?



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In GNOME, you can use Ctrl+Shift+u<code>. <code> means the unicode code point in hex. A la hold ctrl, hold alt, type u40 and you get @


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Excellent! Thanks Nodsu.

á ctrl+shft+ue1

é ctrl+shft+ue9

í ctrl+shft+ued

ó ctrl+shft+uf3

ú ctrl+shft+ufa

ü ctrl+shft+ufc

ñ ctrl+shft+uf1

¿ ctrl+shft+ubf

¡ ctrl+shft+ua1

Also in Fedora and SUSE you can use 'Character Map / All Unicode Blocks' to find out the UTF16 code for any other character you may want to use.

BTW I haven't tried this with KDE.

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