U3 ready Flash Drive

By gilloz
Aug 26, 2007
  1. I bought a SanDisk 4GB Flash Drive w/Ready Boost which is ready with U3 Programs access. I am presently on my third device, thinking the first two were defective. When I plug it into my computer, nothing happens, as oppose to plugging in to another computer and the U3 Program system screen comes up. SanDisk support website says to disable all items in Startup under msconfig and remove all software supplied with optical drives, i.e. Roxio and Nero. I have done all that, but the only thing that happens on my computer is I get the USB icon in the System Tray as oppose to the U3 icon that I'm suppose to get. This device still functions as a regular flash drive, but I am unable to invoke the U3 Program control window when I plug the device in. Has anyone experience this or know what other programs might cause it to be inhibited? Thanks.
  2. ChrisLam

    ChrisLam TS Rookie Posts: 82

    Um.. I have a U3 flash drive to.

    My advice:
    Delete any autorun.inf files YOU have created. Make sure the original one is still there. If the virtual CD doesn't appear under My Computer, double-click your removable disc and double click "LaunchU3.exe" or whatever it is called. If you do see the virtual CD, double click the icon. If that doesn't work, right-click it, select explore, and double click the .exe.

    If you computer is Vista, you might need an updated version of U3

    Also, make sure the original autorun.inf is correct.

    This is what my flash drive's autorun.inf located inside the virtual CD says:
    open=LaunchU3.exe -a


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