Ubuntu isn't for me; How do I get rid of it? (noob question)

By Envergure
Apr 11, 2007
  1. I tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu for a while to see if it was all it's cracked up to be. It certainly was:approve: , but I didn't find the available software useful to me.

    I have XP on a 40GB HD, and an 80GB HD partitioned roughly in half and each partition has a Linux installation on it. And none of the OS's can "see" the others (i.e. where they are on the HD's)

    I could just format the 80GB, but I'm worried the BIOS will still think Linux is there and screw the whole computer up permanently (plus I don't really know how :confused:).

    Any tips?

    And just curious:
    The two Linux distributions have somehow increased to eight :suspiciou (four of each). Was that supposed to happen?
  2. tek8

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    what you are going to want to do is boot into windows, and remove the partition with the windows disk manager. You can get there by right clicking on My Computer, and selecting the Manage button. Go to the Disk Management tool, and remove the partition. You also need to run the fixmbr and fixboot commands to get rid of GRUB, the boot loader for linux. You would need to boot to the Recovery Console to do that (If you have your Windows XP CD, pop it in, make sure you boot to that, and select to go to the Recovery Console).

    apologies for bad English, it is not my native language.
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