Ubuntu user name problem

By dock98
Nov 4, 2007
  1. i installed ubuntu on my new laptop.installed just fine.when rebooted it asks for user name and password.when installing i was asked for a password but no user name.now i cannot get into sytem without user name.thanks.
  2. Exonimus

    Exonimus TS Rookie Posts: 77

    if I remember correctly, ubuntu does actually ask you for a username. You might have looked over it, you might try entering your real name,(in case that's the username) you might try 'username' (assuming username stood in the text box and you didn't change it. maybe 'default' does something.

    edit: I looked it up, and the installation guide said the following(this was for an older release, but this did not change)

    You will first be prompted for the user's full name. Then you'll be asked for a name for the user account; generally your first name or something similar will suffice and indeed will be the default. Finally, you will be prompted for a password for this account.


    again, try your first name, if you entered that it correctly in the full name option, it should be your user name. Good luck! and reply if it doesn't work, and also reply if it works! =)
  3. dock98

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    thank you but i gave up trying and put windows vista back on


    PLEASE .. Dont use vista .. Just re-install linux should only take a few minutes ...
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