ugh!check this it worth buying?!!?!?!headache

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hi guys
this is giving me a headache and im asking forur help heres the friends recently started playing im planning 2 get it 2 (clapclap)
but i have no knowledge of computers whats so ever..sigh
and i got myeye set on this:
core 2 duo e6300
1gb ddr RAM
250gb hard drive
18x dvd burner
nicida 7100gs hyper 512 ram
build in HD audio giabite lan usb
mouse and keyboard included(logitech)
for 1100 AU
hahaha..sigh wtf...should i get it?or..i should idk
please post ur most wellcome comment and give me a suggestion of good combo for a comp or is this computer worth it?or can this comp run WOW and should i get this or not..ouch headache


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Are you just going to be using the computer for WoW? If so this machine is possibly even a little over the top and you could cut back a bit on it, i.e. you don't need a 512mb GFX card etc.
My old p4 2.4ghz with DDR400 ran WoW without any real problems. The setup you have listed would be powerful enough for it.

As for the price? I have a similar system at the moment which i paid a similar amount for (except in NZD) and without a monitor & other peripherals, so it doesn't sound too bad to me I guess.

As for the Mobo and RAM options make sure they are compatible, i.e. if your buying DDR2 RAM make sure your Mobo will handle it and same if you are getting an SATA hdd and that it's a LGA775 that supports of core 2 duo otherwise your processor won't work with it and things like that.

Hope that's somewhat helpful. Heh.


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That's a good price for what you're getting. Like raspygold said, though, thats way more than you need for WoW. You can cut down the processor a lot (I ran wow flawlessly on a $50 athlon), and the graphics card a little bit too.
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