.Uha file extraction useing uharc in dos

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Feb 14, 2007
  1. i have downloaded the hirens boot cd and it is in .uha archives. i have tried multiple times to get the string right in the command console while loaded to the uharc.exe application with no avail. can someone post the string that would help me out with extracting the files to a alternate folder so that i can create boot disks of some of the software. thanks guys and gals
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    Please start post with Windows version.
    This sounds like Windows 3.What is the full name and extension ?
    But open the drive at a Dos prompt where the file is and type,
    extract filename.***.
    Never heard of .uha.
    I can send you W95 98 or Wme boot floppy files in zip form.
    Or try Bootdisk.com
    It can't be a cd.
    Are you trying to install Windows ?
  3. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    .Uha file extensions are a file extension used by a very nice and widely used compression software kinda like winrar. i have downloaded the hirens boot cd and it was in .uha format and to be able to extract the files i have to enter a command string into the the command console while running the uharc.exe application. No i am not trying to install windows, however it is a windows command console based app. i am just trying to figure out how to write the command line entries out right so that i get the software extracted properly.. thanks for posting a relpy though
  4. zipperman

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    I googled

    Are you saying you can only download something in .uha form ?
    Are you asking how to extract it Useing Windows Dos prompt ?
    Windows won't extract it.
    I think you need a 3rd party extractor like Winzip or Winarc.
    Try here


    or wait for a member who understands what you want to do.
    Sorry but i don't,but please explain your
    Quote "i have downloaded the hirens boot cd" ?
    How do you download a cd ? Thats impossible.
    What are you trying to "boot" ?
  5. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    Dude the name of the software is "Hirens Boot Cd " it is an iso of alot of different software tools and apps for windows and alot are also bootable. When i downloaded the iso it was archived using uharc software for really good compression ratios. I am not sure that are reading the post correctly cause i have stated this numerous times! Now when you go to extract the archive you have to use the uharc software that made the .uha format that the iso was archived in so that the split files are combined so that i can use the software contained in the archives in the .uha file extensions. When you use the software you have to enter windows and go to the command prompt and browse to the folder that contains the uharc.exe app so that you can run it to extract the archives within the containing folder. Then you have to enter a command line string that tells the uharc software to extract the archives to a dedicated folder so that i can use the programs, but in order for me to do that i have to know how enter the string correctly so that it works and extracts the .uha extension in to the iso format they were currently in before being archived. And to answer the question "How do you donwload a CD"? I think that is pretty self explanatory. thanks for the post, it sounds like you learned more than did from this post. peace
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    Zipperman. Just stop replying to this thread, OK? You obviously have no clue.

    Optimus: Doesn't the webpage you downloaded your stuff from have any instructions? How about googling for some uharc command line reference? Uharc homepage maybe?
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