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Nov 8, 2005
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  1. ive just moved from the uk to calgary in canada and im having trouble understanding the internet connections the uk you could go into a shop pick up a ISP package (wanadoo) go home and install eveything yourself (modem and software) and be up and running within an hour.out here in canada i think its not that easy,the computer im using now is my girlfriends parents who had a company install theres.ive had a look and i can't figure it out.if theres any canadians out there could you help me out and explain what i need to do to get connected?i still have a few weeks left before my computer gets shipped here but i would like to have some idea before then. thanks to anyone who help.
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    Welcome to Canada, Calgary is a beautiful city. Well I'm in Onatrio but I think it's the same, call your local ISP ( I won't go dial up), use the local TV cable company, Rogers, Cogeco in Ontario (not sure about Alberta) OR Bell Sympatico (high speed over phone line). The tech needs to make a line hook up usually with a cable company and drop off the modem. You can have him/her install modem/software or do it yourself. For Bell Sympatico they need to "activate" your phone line on to the high speed stuff and you need their modem and some line filters.

    Some basics about Cable vs. HS Phone. For cable the bandwidth is 1Meg but can drop when lots of subscribers are on-line with you! For high speed phone it's 1Meg too, but this is only if you are relatively close to a switching office. (the actually phone company's local router/switch building). On twisted pair the BER (Bit error rate) is a function of the square of the length of the wire. So if you live far from a switching office you eat up all that bandwidth sending and resending packets, so your effective bandwidth drops tremendously. I'd ask a neighbour around your area if they use Sympatico and see what they think of their data rates. I KNOW I had to have them come and remove their sh!t because it was worse then dial-up for me.

    Cheers and enjoy the Rockies! :slurp:
  3. mr hezloop

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    we're planning to move downtown so would that mean i would be closer to a switching office?will have to ask the telephone company that i choose where there switching office is?i looked up some ISP providers,i found a one called "startec canada" it said i would have to buy a modem/router (d-link) to be able to get started.the connection was phone (DSL),i did'nt understand the router a router the same as a modem??also can you suggest some good telephone companys?ive heard of shaw,bell and tellus.thanks for your your's all very confusing moving to a new country.
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    A router is not the same as a modem, but maybe they've combined the two. A modem is a modulator designed to "encrypt" TCP/IP signals (or some other format) onto the transmission line, i.e. twisted pair phoneline or coaxial cable for example. A router does not modulate the TCP/IP signal it just reads it and passes it on/direct the connection as per the address (IP) contained in the data string. I'm not familar with Startec or their quality of service, I would suggest you ask around locally. A router is typically used in the home to provide 2 or more PC with internet access.

    Did you call the local cable TV supplier? Ask about rates, free installation?
    Here's Rogers:

    Phones: Bell Canada is the local service provider. Then you can sign up for long distance plans with Bell or with 3rd party vendors. Tellus, Rogers, Fido are Cell phone providers, (Bell also has cell phone service). Of course cells phones are a matter of choice.
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    i feel alot better now with the information you gave me.i think ive got some homework to do to find out the right ISP and the right phone looks good and seems fairly cheap but ill still look around.for ISP i found about 70 for alberta so im spoiled for choise.ill let you know on the one's i narrow down.thanks for the help.

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