By harrisdurrani
Aug 19, 2005
  1. hey guys ...... just need some information

    are uli chipsets availble in the market and how much does it cost...Also is it true that they can support both agp 8x and Pci-e on the same board ?? cause that will be awsome, And which Processor would it be using :knock:
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    From Tom's HW they have a pic of MoBo that has pci-e and agp, tho only one of each....
    Taiwan chip maker ULi has not been doing particularly well over the last couple of months, but it looks as if their situation seems to be getting better. We were shown several core logic products, and a wall of motherboards meant to show who is actually buying chipsets from ULi.

    The M1695 is an Athlon 64 chipset that supports both AGP and PCI Express (dual core X2 ready). While the chipset is a PCI Express component - linking the south bridge via HyperTransport - AGP can be implemented as well. ULi showcased a system running with PCIe x16, AGP 8X and PCI graphics cards at the same time.

    Another interesting piece of silicon is the M1575 south bridge that can be used either for ULi chipsets or for ATI's Radeon Xpress series north bridge components, providing a cost effective alternative to ATI's south bridge parts. The M1575 comes with SATA II support at 3 Gb/s including all RAID modes up to RAID 5 and eight USB 2.0 ports. There is no network interface, though - this needs to be done via PCI.

    I hope this helps
  3. harrisdurrani

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    hey thanks for the information... just one more thing

    is it possible to have a PCI-e and an AGP video card working together on a single board... and will that increase the benchmark scores.
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