ultima IX ascenion speach problems

By rustious
Jan 8, 2006
  1. i just dug out ultima IX ascension from way back in my storage compartment....i have never played it and when i installed it when i talk to people it freezes and most the time crashes or makes VERY VERY loud and irritating screaching and buzzing sounds...and after those it crashes anyway..i got to the king and it will not go on afterward....ok thanks anyone..bye
  2. rustious

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  3. rustious

    rustious TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone at all?
  4. ultima weirdo

    ultima weirdo TS Rookie

    hello rustious. i also took the lyberty of pulling out that old game i never finished in high school and decided to beat it in my free time. Mine crashed all the time, or froze up, needed to close, etc. The software was a mess. there is actually a wikipedia explanation of that piece of crap game with links to further explain the problems you face. my problem is perhaps the greatest of all. I've all but beaten the game. apparently the last step requires that you possess all the sigils. but when i cleanse a shrine, the sigil floats to about 40 feet in the air (out of reach) and can't get it down. luckily i was able to install a cheat that allowed me to collect them by floating up just like you might in Quake when you're dead, but there is one sigil....just one...that is visible but cannot be physically picked up. So i can't beat the game, and i'm like one step away, and nobody plays this peice of **** game anymore....so I"M ****ED!!!! >:C
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