Unable to access certain Internet sites

By gelert64
Aug 29, 2005
  1. Hope somebody might point me in the right direction.
    I have a wireless network using D Link products. All works perfectly well with regards to Shared documetns and printer on my 3 networked computers (2 Desktop and 1 laptop) The problem I have is that on the 2 computers feeding off the main Internet connections I have trouble connecting to certain websites. For example Ebay. It simply wont load and after a while the DNS server error comes up. This happens with quite a few websites. However this site for example loads straight away.
    Hope you can help.

  2. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    Try clearing your DNS cache. In the Run box type:
    ipconfig /flushdns
  3. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    What does your host file look like?

    Have you had any virus's lately?
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