Unable to boot into XP

By falkener1
Feb 12, 2007
  1. I have an AMD 2800+ system with an Nvidia FX 5200 installed, a proper 80GB Samsung hard drive and two LG optical drives.
    My computer has worked fine over the last three years. Recently, after a brother installed several games, and loading optimized BIOS defaults, the system boot hangs at the splash screen before loading the user profiles, and CTL+ALT+DEL doesn't work to even let me enter my user name. An alert window came up telling me some createpopup dll could not run. I've never heard of the process before, and assume it's something needed to load the welcome screen or something.

    So the first thing I tried was of course pressing F8, load safe mode. The safe mode boot hangs at mup.sys. Last known good configuration of course, nothing. Still the splash screen, except this time a message pops up telling me that a registry file had to be fixed. Still hangs at the splash screen upon reboot.

    So I tried to repair the system, I found my windows XP Home OEM CD. I changed the boot order so CD's booted first and attempted a repair of the installation. The computer copies the appropriate files from the CD, and the Windows Setup comes up and says there is approximately 39 minutes left. After 35 minutes, the setup halts. On occasion, once it asked me to insert an Nvidia drivers disk. On reattempting the xp repair, it simply hangs. When I tried to reboot once again, the windows logo comes on and the loading screen comes on et cetera. Instead of the splash screen, I get a blue screen with the message "setup is being restarted..." and I am brought all the way back to the POST screen. This is a continual loop, loading to the "setup is being restarted..." screen.

    I've ran chkdsk in the recovery console as well to no avail. How can I repair my system so that I can boot it? Is it possible to say, create a new partition with another instance of XP on it and then recover our files? I just want to be able to boot again without losing my data. All help is appreciated.
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