Unable to change Video Play Speed

By Poeboe
Aug 24, 2006
  1. I can no longer change the video speed at which my videos play, when using WMP the option to change the speed is blanked out, but when using Audio files im able to slow the play speed. Ive tryed Using Core Media Player and using that to slow speeds.. but when i do that, i get the Blue screen of death.. I booted my computer up in Safe Mode and it appears im able to slow videos in WMP and Core Media Player, now im trying to determine what could be causing this problem.. it just started happening recently.. im not sure what could be causing it. heres a list of recent programs i installed since i started noticing the problem.

    Alcohol 120%
    Windows Language Pack Japanese
    Utawarerumono PC game

    I doubt these programs have anything to do with it though. any information on whats causing this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    right now im updating my Nvidia Geforce MX 4000 driver to the most recent to see if that fixes anything
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