Unable to Check Email in either Firefox or Explorer.

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Oct 25, 2007
  1. To whom it concerns,

    I am running Windows XP. I have two names assigned to the computer, one for myself and my personal files - also as the administrator; the other is for a friend and it is listed as a limited account. Now the problem I am having I have never had before, not on this computer or any others. On my name, I can access any sites - the email sites are the ones in question, however. On my friend's name, he can access sites, but not Yahoo mail - nor my Gmail - and I assume AOL as well. It's as though signing into any website is blocked. The message I receive in Internet Explorer is, "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page," and in Firefox, "Firefox cannot establish a connection to the server at..." I have tried so much, but I think it's just a matter of tweaking something in the software somewhere - more than likely my Norton Anti-virus (2004) program.

    I'm hoping that by having joined this forum that I might find the answer I haven't found with search engines. Please, tell me it's something simple - even if difficult, I'm pretty good at computer stuff, just don't know the proper vocab. Thanks for the effort you might put into responding.

  2. Tedster

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    that's because your profile, cookies, and passwords will all be different for each profile. This has nothing to do with your anti-virus.
  3. GALeeDude

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    An evaluation without a solution...

    Well - that might would seem to be correct, but the problem is the fact that I already tried those things. Worked with the cookies, etc. Everything seems normal, he just can't sign on to any email website where you can put your login name, etc. It's quite aggravating.
  4. zipperman

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    With multiple users try logging out,don't use "Remember Me"
    if you have been.
  5. GALeeDude

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    Nope - not using multiple user ids on one name - he has his name and then I have mine and I'm the administrator. I do use remember me on mine, he can't even get to that stage. So, that's not it either.
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