Unable to comm others in online halo ce

By glowingnissan07
Nov 19, 2007
  1. yeah ive got halo custom edition and before my hard disk went i was able to see the white lettering during online games telling you who killed you or who you killed or if u want to type things to other ppl using T or Y, but now after i bought my new hard disk, a much better one than my other and copied the files from my old one, for some reason that feature has stopped working.

    The little black bar on the bottom appears awaiting for you to type, but the words "Team:" or "All:" don't appear and no matter what u type nothing shows up on my screen.

    Everything else works fine and beautifully.

    I've checked DirectDraw and DirectX 9, everything is good I have the latest drivers for my video card, a Radeon 9800 Pro. My network is working fine.

    I've been banned from a few servers recently. is it possible someone hacked into my game and disabled the feature to text?

    Re-installing Custom Edition is not an option, and i can only update halo ce as a last resort. (dont ask why)

    Suggestions welcome
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