unable to connect to certain internet pages (possibbly SSL pages)

By davids
Jan 7, 2006
  1. I have a computer running windows XP and a broadband connection. However, I am having trouble connection to certain sites, for example ebay.co.uk works fine, but I cannot getinto the myebay section. I guess it is something to do with the secure pages?

    I have ran virus checkers (adware and spybot) I have run hijack this and taken out all suspect programs (the only one I can get rid of is one Norton service (but I have deleted the associated file).

    I know the actual connection is fine because it works on my other computer.

    I have tryed running a program to repair IE dll files (as mentioned in another similar topic on techspot) I have also tryed repairng IE6 by running ie6.inf in the windows inf folder.

    I have also tryed installing opera and mozilla but the will not work at all, in fact every other program for example virus scanner update programs etc has trouble making an internet connection...

    I am totally bemused with this problem, and I am now thinking about re-installing XP to solve the problem, however I really dont want to, and I also really want to get to the bottom of this issue.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate the help...
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