Unable to delete BySoftFreeRAM32.exe

By jumpsteady_bl
Mar 13, 2005
  1. My Computer has become upstable and I am unable to delete BYSoftFreeRAM32.exe, I downloaded the program to play with off of this site...and well I let the moderators know that there is a problem with the file I grabbed...but anyway, I need to delete it, I ran 2 virus searches and a spyware search and came up empty handed, I need it deleted it is causing problmes with my video card and my performance and cause crashes in mid computer use.


    I cant afford to lose windows again, this will be twice in one year...but anyway, any help will be great!

  2. jumpsteady_bl

    jumpsteady_bl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so I was able to glitch the windows file protection programs into allowing me to rename the .exe before the computer was completely booted up, and then i was able to remove it from my computer, well it worked and I am safe once again...

    How to do this:

    I thought it only worked with 9x windows but appearantly it does with all windows.
    -1st go to regedit and seach for the file you are trying to remove in this case it was on my desktop.
    -then remove the reg key that sayd that file exists.
    -then restart and before all you programs boot up rename the file to an .ini
    -the you can delete it at will.

    I first found this trick on windows 98 when I was trying to trick the system into allowing me to remove annoying nag screens that windows can sometimes have, but the OS would not lemme delete them, so I thought delete it from the registry then delete I was unable to do that, but I was able to change the extension and then remove it. Allowing me to crash windows...hehe but I learned a trick, although was unaware of ever needing this with XP but obviously B.G. is an amazingly absent minded master of programming, he did not think of this, or someone ****ed up!

    I will once again reinstate that I hate Windows, and the only reason I use windows is for the ease of compatiblity, with hardware and use of [programs that everyone else uses, like aim, since Wine does not work the way i like it...plus you can totally crack windows and piss people off...hehe anyway...peace
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