Unable to detectable HD

By Shepherd72
Mar 8, 2007
  1. Hey guys, was having issues with a semi-new computer that I built and am seeking help. Saw a lot of threads with a similar issue that you were able to help with so thought I'd give it a shot.

    Any ways this new system I have has always been a little shaky (random reboots, quitting applications, etc...) but I think it may have gone totally in the hole this time. Last night it shuts down while no one is using it. The next morning I go to boot it up and it get the "Reboot or Select proper Boot device" message. I reboot and hold f8 to bring up boot devices and it only detects my CD drive and a floppy drive. No Hard Drive. This is a little weird because I have no floppy set up on my computer. I put my Windows XP disk in attempts to find out whats wrong. I choose to repair windows and I get a Cannot detect a Hard Disk message. Same thing with setup windows option.

    The mystery thickens however. I found a few post with similar problems on this site. Both of which were remedy with a bios option. So I reboot and hold f2 and nothing happens. I just get the "Reboot or Select proper Boot device" message again. I try holding other function keys f6 and f12 and no response from either.

    I'm no computer expert but know a little more than the average joe. I have a 80gb Maxtor hard drive. I am able to get drivers on a floppy if i need too but don't know if it will do any good without the f2 key. Thanks for the help guys let me know if there is any more system specs you need to help me debug.

    Oh yea, I did check all connects to HD and mother board, they're fine.
  2. Nodsu

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    Are you sure that F2 is the right key for BIOS? What does the bootup screen say about entering BIOS setup?

    Disconnect the keyboard and boot up the computer. It should complain and tell you the key to press for BIOS setup.

    Also, I'm pretty sure rebooting and holding a key is not the right way to do it. Usually tapping is much more effective.
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