Unable to explore CD & DVD ROM drives from "My Computer"

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Mar 9, 2006
  1. After cleaning up a horrible experience with a virus, I still have a problem remaining. When I goto "My Computer" and look for my ROM drives, they're not there in the section "Devices with removable storage". They used to be E: and F:. I can access them by running commands from the "Run" prompt, but cannot view any content. I've removed them from the "Device Manager" and rebooted. The results were that they still didn't show up on my computer but were reinstalled on the device manager. I also checked into the "NOIDE" claim but to no avail. I can see alot of info in the registry for the drives. I'm not sure what to change the settings to.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Did not have to reinstall XP, but I ran the procedures set in the Microsoft article anyway and it had no effect. When looking in the device manager all seems well. They delete and reinstall nicely, but still will not show up on my computer. I also have an external DVD drive and it used to show that drive but now its gone as well. Device manager says that the USB 2.0 it working properly.

    Still confused
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    I had the same experience but it wasn't virus related but some strange conflict between several applications. I have an HP 1210, had Photoshop 7.0, Cool n Quiet, MSI Control Centre (mobo stuff) or had them installed. Somehow when these were all on together, I had all sorts of weird things going on with "My Computer" viewer.
    List of weird things:
    Exploring My Comp would take several minutes (the flashlight working like mad)
    In My Comp would be an A: drive FF. I don't own one on this PC. Would remove this manually and things would get even slower.
    CD-DVD ROM would take several minutes to explore(show contents), but then would work normal.

    Anyway, my soluttion was to uninstall above apps 1 at a time until I cleared this problem. It seemed to mostly happen when MSI and Cool n Quiet were on together, so I've left them off.

    Just some food for thought.
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