Unable to get back Admin Privilages

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I don't know if this problem is spreading or I'm just finding out how far it goes.

It seems that any software I have on my system that was installed after a certain date or hasn't been used for more than a month is locked out of all my accounts on my computer. All the accounts show they have Admin privilages, but the applications tell me I'm not running with admin privilages, and refuse to start.

I tried creating new user accounts with admin privilages, but that doesn't work. I have tried to figure out Compaq quick restore, but can't find it since the icons are missing, and I only have the pre-packed "restore" CDs that won't autorun. I also don't have the ability to backup the contents of my hard drive because I don't have any storage media outside of 3.5 floppies so formatting is out of the question too.

What's stupid is that my "essential programs" of Office, and my internet software work fine. Even my spyware software works too. It seems to only be games that are doing this

I have a suspision something got damaged in the registry or the windows system when I removed AOHell and it's embedded McAffee protection. Any ideas out there on where to look or what to try that doesn't format C?


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lookup taking posession of drive
Enthusiast here has a nice pictorial on it
credit to member Ididmyc600


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Argh! that's the one option I don't have in the list shown! :(

I'm running XP Home Edition with SP1 installed. I don't have any of the security functions that are in SP2. So I don't have security tabs or a button in the tool section labeled "Simple file sharing". I've seen it before, but only on individual folders I think. And now, with the priviliages screwed up, I couldn't install SP2 if I wanted to.

Are there any other places I could look for "Simple File Sharing"? Because now that you mention it, I think it is ticked in various places. could explain the spotty trouble I guess. But then again I have no way to follow the security section that I can find. :(


Okay, while trying to find anything on file sharing, I went into user profiles. I found one "Account Unknown" in there that I never knew existed. Currently I have 4 accounts when I should have two:

Account Unknown (Where the heck did this come from?)
<Computer name>\Administrator (Which I don't recall making)
<Computer name>\<My Name> (Which I use as the admin)
<Computer name>\<Wife's Name> (also is supposed to have admin privilages).

Should I delete the Account Unknown, and Administrator or just one or leave well enough alone?

Thanks for the advice! :)
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