Unable to load ANY driver for Radeon 7500 in Win 2000

By t_lindenmuth ยท 7 replies
Aug 18, 2007
  1. I am unable to load any driver for this card. When I run the ATI setup program, I get an "INF file not found" error. Then it tells me to load VGA drivers instead. What does THAT mean? Windows Update does not have a driver that will work. Ati offers the same basic driver for all Radeon products, and they don't work. Dell has no idea what the problem is. I have even tried changing the BIOS. No joy. I love the Dell, but I cannot get the video card to work. Can sombody please hep me?
  2. peterdiva

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    Check the device manager to see what the card's listed as. It should say standard something or other (can't remember). If it says vgasave, then you need to install the motherboard's chipset drivers.
  3. wii-ste

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    Make sure that you have up-to-date .NET framework from Microsoft

    This may solve the problem (so I have heard)
  4. t_lindenmuth

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    The .Net thing is all good. Knew about that. Please expand on the motherboards chipset driver thing.
  5. peterdiva

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    What's the model number of your computer? I'll see if I can find the drivers.
  6. t_lindenmuth

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    Dell Inspirion 5100. 512mb, 2.4 gig Pentium. It originally came with XP, but I prefer 2000. I have everything else in the machine working.
  7. peterdiva

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    You have a laptop. Which means that Dell has to provide the drivers, and from what I can see they don't have a Win2K version listed. Your alternative is to use the Omega Drivers. These have a modified inf file which allows installation for all ATI cards. See if these will install.

    You can only use version 6.5 or lower. http://www.omegadrivers.net/archive.php
  8. t_lindenmuth

    t_lindenmuth TS Rookie Topic Starter


    This post is from the Dell. F**KIN'AAAAAAAAA! I have been without this thing for three weeks. I have really missed it. Thank you.

    I don't know what ya'all do, you and the driver dude, and others in this little community, but I hope you are paid very well for it. If this is what you people do for a 'hobby', I'd like to think you work for NASA in the daytime.

    Thank you very much.
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